1850 fillmore st
San Francisco, ca
 Owned by Ron and Tricia Benitez, ASMBLY HALL has sweet fashion with a preppy twist. 
 Both worked in high end corporate fashion when they met, fell in love,
and then decided to open up their own spot to shop.
 With the knowledge of the behind scenes hard work,
it now comes easy as a team to help each other balance the stores natural dynamics.
 Hosting both Men's and Women's fashion and accessories they use
both's trade skills to acquire just enough masculine/feminine through out their collections.
 What beautiful jewelry they offer.
Next step is local pop up shops and parties... wait...
.............that's something they already do!
 They rage open shop parties hosting bands, brews and a bomb ass experience
to get to know the store. People come from all over the bay area to shop here
 and on their Saturday ho' downs they really bring it up an extra notch as a boutique.

Great motto
 I can see myself in everything in this shop... it's truly got a beautiful feel.
There's the one and only Tricia Benitez (left) hard at work.
Thanks again Ron and Tricia
What a great spot to shop!
Check them out

OH! and they'd stop off in FIJI first on their around the world trip.....